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Weakform DC Resistivity Derivation Feb 13, 2014

Deriving the discretized equations for the weakform direct current resistivity equations.

plan for the future Feb 13, 2014

Plan for the future because that's where you are going to spend the rest of your life. Mark Twain

inverse reasoning Jan 25, 2014

Most people, if you describe a train of events to them will tell you what the result will be. There are few people, however that if you told them a result, would be able to evolve from their own inner consciousness what the steps were that led to that results. This power is what I mean when I talk of reasoning backward. Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1887)

Open Access Tools for Geoscience Education Jan 22, 2014

I was invited to give a talk on VisibleGeology at UBC Open Access week. My talk was entitled 'Open Access Tools for Geoscience Education'.

SimPEG Play - DC Resistivity Inversion Jan 17, 2014

Working to incorporate DC resistivity inversions in the new SimPEG framework.

SimPEG Framework Design Jan 16, 2014

Working to create a better design for geophysical workflows using SimPEG. The discussions have resulted in an overhaul of the current framework.

SimPEG Tutorial - Creating a Mesh Jan 10, 2014

In this tutorial we will go over creating a mesh, and the basics of numbering, counting, and naming conventions. With these skills you can move faster, and move between different meshes (hopefully) with ease!

SimPEG Play - Anisotropic Block Jan 09, 2014

Playing with anisotropy in SimPEG.

SimPEG Tutorial - Linear Problem Jan 06, 2014

In this tutorial we will create a simple linear problem from scratch using the SimPEG framework.

Richards Equation - Comparison to Ceilia et al. 1990 Jan 06, 2014

There are two different forms of Richards equation that differ on how they deal with the non-linearity in the time-stepping term. Here we reproduce results from a seminal paper, and show the ease with which you can do this in SimPEG and Richards python packages.