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Open Access Tools for Geoscience Education Jan 22, 2014

I was invited to give a talk on VisibleGeology at UBC Open Access week. My talk was entitled 'Open Access Tools for Geoscience Education'.

UBC Course Work Sep 04, 2013

Summary of my UBC course work including presentations and papers.

Logically Rectangular Mesh Jul 12, 2013

Introduction to discretizing equations on a Logically Rectangular Mesh. Presentation shows applications of aligning meshes to topography in geophysical imaging.

Hydraulic Conductivity Inversion May 01, 2013

We describe the inversion process that is used to estimate saturated hydraulic conductivity using the unsaturated groundwater flow equations.

Interactive Online Geologic Block Modelling Dec 14, 2012

Presentation at AGU2012 on Visible Geology, showing the possibilities of modelling geology online and applications to teaching and learning in higher education.

Outcrop Patterns Oct 04, 2012

Exploration of the Rule of Vs and general interactions of geology and topography.

Monitoring Infiltration Dec 15, 2010

We use electrical conductivity probes to monitor infiltration in a managed aquifer recharge project in California.

Development of Expert-Like Visualization Skills (AGU) (Awarded outstanding student paper) 2010

My first presentation of Visible Geology software at AGU, using Matlab!

Unconsolidated Sediment Parameters (Rising Stars of Research, UBC) Jul 02, 2010

I was invited to present at the Rising Stars of Research National Competition held at UBC. I gave a presentation on investigating unconsolidated sediment parameters under time-lapse porosity changes.

Numerical Rock Physics Nov 13, 2009

Exploration of a numerical model for pore-scale unconsolidated sediment.