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SimPEG 2013-Present

SimPEG (Simulation and Parameter Estimation in Geoscience) is a python package for simulation and gradient based parameter estimation in the context of geoscience applications.

3point Science 2013-Present

3point Science uses human-centered design to create engagement tools that let the learner create and control their own, unique learning experience. These tools are simple to use while conveying complex concepts. We make it about the subject not the software.

Visible Geology Stereonet 2013

Visible Geology Stereonet is an interactive stereonet program that allows you to look at your data in 3D. To get started, login using your Google account, and click new project. Visible Geology Stereonet may be evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use.

Visible Geology 2010-2013

Visible Geology allows you to create geologic block diagrams in three-dimensions in your browser. You can add geologic beds, folds, dikes, faults, and titling events and then explore your geology on different topographies. You can create cross-sections and boreholes in seconds, and explore data on an interactive stereonet!

Insar Earthquake Modelling 2012

Model earthquakes dynamically and in real time and try to match your interferogram with one from a real-life earthquake.

Apparent Dip 2011

Visually interrogate the changes in the dip of a bed as a cross-section rotates.

Visible Paleo Earth 2011

Scroll through 700Ma of earth’s history to view the positions of the continents in true-color! The images for Visible Paleo Earth were produced by The Planetary Habitability Laboratory @ UPR Arecibo, NASA, Ron Blakey and Colorado Plateau Geosystems, Inc., and The PaleoMap Project. Visit their website to see more images and animations.