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Weakform DC Resistivity Derivation Feb 13, 2014

Deriving the discretized equations for the weakform direct current resistivity equations.

Probability of an Oil Spill - Northern Gateway Jan 03, 2014

In the Northern Gateway project Enbridge calculates the expected time till first (major) oil spill. I decided to read the documents and think about probabilities over Christmas, with a few interesting results...

On Teaching the Stereonet Jun 14, 2013

On my way to a conference in Italy, I chose to spend a week in France: hiking, drinking coffee and wine, and thinking about education. One thing that has been bugging me lately is how the geoscience community teaches how …

Stereonet on Google App Engine May 13, 2013

Visible Geology Stereonet is now on Google App Engine, which means that you can save your projects. Just sign in with your Google account and you will be able to create a new project and save your data to Google's servers.

Stereonet Planes – A Tutorial Apr 26, 2013

For a long time I have wanted to do an interactive lesson on how to plot planes and lines on a stereonet. I finally gave it a go today, while avoiding some other work! The interface is very simple, and …

Visible Earthquakes Apr 20, 2013

At a conference in Knoxville I got to chatting with Gareth Funning about using some of my software to visualize earthquakes using InSAR data. Here is what wikipedia has to say about InSAR: Interferometric synthetic aperture radar, abbreviated InSAR or IfSAR, is a radar technique …

Paper Cubes from Visible Geology Models Apr 19, 2013

Visible Geology models are cool, but it would be so much more amazing if you could hold them in your hand! Right?!

Innovative Dissemination of Research Award - UBC Apr 13, 2013

Visible Geology recently won an Innovative Dissemination of Research Award from the University of British Columbia (UBC) Library. The award honours UBC faculty, staff and students who expand the boundaries of research through the creative use of new tools and technologies.